Customer stories
Customer Stories

A selection of our customers

Capitec, South Africa’s leading digital bank with over 15 million banking clients, had an urgent need to migrate their Client Care and Helpdesk call centres to the cloud. Circumstances did not allow for a traditional cloud migration project (that could take months), so they had to move over 600 users to a fully cloud platform in just two weeks.

Their requirements included:

  • Migration of all existing contact flows, configuration of all departments and extensive reporting requirements.
  • Agent training together with business wide change management initiatives.
  • Integration into existing CRM systems
  • Review and implement potential optimisation initiatives to enhance contact handling, service levels and visibility (value add reporting and new dashboards).


The transition to the cloud was seamless, and everything was fully configured and implemented within 4 business days without missing a beat. This was followed by a week of user acceptance testing and agent training. Despite the short deadline, the project was completed within budget and in just a week and a half.

“We were really impressed by what INOVO was able to achieve in under two weeks. Thanks to the dedication of their team, migrating Capitec’s contact centre to the cloud was an effortless process. The move is strategic as the solution not only satisfies our immediate requirements but positions us favourably to quickly realise additional functionality and value to the business and our clients“

– Morne Homan – Manager: Technology, Capitec Bank


Woolworths Financial Services (WFS) is an authorized financial services provider that supports Woolworths’ retail business by providing in-store credit, as well as other value-added services such as personal loans, short-term insurance and life insurance linked to other products.

With 700 agents handling their existing inbound and outbound calls, their expansion into other products lines created the need for the existing call centre to expand into new premises and simultaneously replace their aging telephony infrastructure.

The company required a solution that resulted in minimal disruption before, during, and after the move, while still meeting very tight fixed deadlines and continuing to maintain a small asset base.

INOVO, along with telecoms partner Vodacom, delivered a hosted contact centre solution that seamlessly, rapidly and cost-effectively met the needs of the organization.

“Operational costs have decreased by 15%. We expect further reductions over time“

– Andy Clark, Head of Transformation, Chief Operating Office, Woolworths Financial Services


Financial services company, DirectAxis, recognised the need to improve the workflow of their loan applications process as this would not only enhance the customer experience further, but also have a positive financial impact on the business. In addition to this, the company wanted to replace an unstable tool developed by a third party, as this was affecting the efficiency and productivity of agents, and also making it difficult to track campaigns and monitor performance.

INOVO introduced a solution called Customer Interaction Management (CIM). CIM is a product that enables businesses to interpret, prioritise and apply business rules to data from a central location.

This then triggers workflows across business applications and customer contact channels to drive process and business improvements.

“Agents are now able to spend up to 40% more time in a measured environment”

DirectAxis’ customers now enjoy a more seamless loan applications process – as “off-system” agent tasks have been reduced and more processes monitored and measured across business systems, agent performance across campaigns is now more easily tracked, leading to enhanced opportunities for organisational excellence and potential increases in customer satisfaction across the board.

“The INOVO-DirectAxis relationship is different…INOVO never fails to assist or advise, irrespective of whether it touches the technologies that they support or not, and this style of partnership is ideal for us“

-Melissa Kolbe, Contact & Convert CCM, DirectAxis


For national courier pharmacy Medipost, there was a need to implement a solution to eliminate manual processes and measure agent efficiency and capacity – all with a view to driving improvements in service levels and customer satisfaction.

“Medipost has experienced exponential growth since the implementation of INOVO’s business solution,” says Lasea Treurnich, the Operations Manager at Medipost. “Not only are the agents far more efficient and productive, but…INOVO has freed us up to focus on all business areas, not just the contact centre environment”.

“The number of outbound calls made per agent has grown by between 200 and 300% since working with INOVO“

-Lasea Treurnich, Operations Manager, Patients Communication Department, Medipost


Sage Pastel is South Africa’s leading developer of accounting, payroll and business software for the small, medium and large enterprise market.

The company selected INOVO as their partner to assist with their contact centre requirements – across multiple departments (inbound support, outbound sales and operations) spanning over 200 agents. The implementation was complex due to the size of the team and the large number of components selected.

Significant integration work into Sage’s existing systems was also required.

Following INOVO’s implementation, Sage Pastel received 9 awards at the Contact Centre World Awards in 2011, recognizing the role that investing in relevant technologies and working with knowledgeable business partners plays in the driving the success of the contact centre.

“Working with INOVO has helped us to offer better customer service and get the most out of our contact centre resources and staff. “

-Steve Cohen, Managing Director, Sage Pastel


Lancet Laboratories is a pathology laboratory that provides vital diagnostic and monitoring services throughout Africa. The company processes up to 1.8 million tests per month, and offers an extensive range of pathology services across the corporate, mining and insurance sectors.

The company had outgrown its current systems and needed to change the approach adopted by their contact centre – particularly when it came to debt collection. Their systems were not centralized and they were spending a significant amount of money

on ITC letters, outsourced debt collection, and the associated commissions. The goal was to not only reduce costs but improve the efficiency and productivity of their agents.

INOVO’s solutions allowed for the design and automation of intelligent collection processes and strategies driven by analytics and business/customer intelligence, resulting in a 200% increase in monthly collections, as well as significant other cost reductions and service improvements.

“The differentiator has been the way that the company has assisted us to solve our business problems. It is not only about software and services, but demonstrating a measurable return that has helped set INOVO apart“

-Ebrahim Adams, Contact Centre Project Manager, Lancet Laboratories